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The seventh Russian humanitarian convoy will reach Donbas tomorrow

November 13, 2014

Next Russian humanitarian convoy will arrive to Ukraine tomorrow, – Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation

The seventh Russian humanitarian convoy will reach Donbas tomorrow

Official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich informed this.

According to the official, on November 14 82 trucks of humanitarian would pass through checkpoints ‘Matveev Kurgan’ and ‘Donetsk’. The total weight of humanitarian aid is 625 tons.

Lukashevich also said that Russian side hopes for cooperation with International Committee of the Red Cross.

Previously Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe informed that 7 of 10 trucks from the fifth humanitarian convoy were tankers.


The first column of the so-called humanitarian aid from Russia consisted of 280 trucks and was sent to Ukraine unilaterally. On August 22 Russian KamAz vehicles went through Ukrainian checkpoint Izvaryne controlled by fighters. On August 24 Ukrainian defense Ministry stated that trucks of Russian humanitarian convoy had take away equipment of Ukrainian strategic factories.

The second humanitarian convoy entered Ukrainian territory occupied by Russian army on September 13.

The next day the press secretary of National Security and Defense Council Volodymyr Polioviy informed that humanitarian convoys consisting of 216 trucks had already left Ukrainian territory through ‘Izvaryno’ checkpoint in Luhansk oblast.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded Russia to stop provocations with the so-called humanitarian convoys.

The last humanitarian convoy brought various equipments for the installation of landfill on the occupied territories and simulators for training militants in different military specialties.


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