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Servicemen repelled attack in direction to Mariupol

March 6, 2015

On Thursday, March 4 there was another attempt of terrorist to break through to Mariupol

Servicemen repelled attack in direction to Mariupol

Press-officers of sector M Oleg Sushinskiy informed this.

According to him, on March 5 at 07.45, 08.15 and 08.40 pm flies of drones were registered in skies above eastern outskirts of Mariupol.

At 09.38 pm there began an assault at positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Shyrokino. The armed group of fighters from self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic consisted of 20 people. The attack was repelled.

In addition, at 09.45 pm there started shelling of Ukrainian positions in Shyrokine. The enemy used grenade launchers and small arms. Shelling lasted till morning.

According to official reports, there were no losses among Ukrainian soldiers and situation is under control.


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