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Sergiy Skorokhvatov and Oleksandr Davydenko: Ukraine Has Enough Security and Law Enforcement Personnel to Independently Deal with the Problems


Kyiv, 14 April 2014 – At a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, President of the Association of Veterans of the “Alpha” Counter-Terrorism Unit, Sergiy Skorokhvatov said: “In the current situation in Ukraine, the main responsibility lies with the men in the uniform, especially those at the special units. I can say with all confidence that there is no blood on Alpha’s hands, Alpha didn’t shoot at Maidan.” President of the “Alpha” Veterans Association emphasized that moral and psychological condition of the officers should be taken into account: “Everyone is in position, they haven’t surrendered their weapons.  Officers are ready to carry out the government’s orders, but there must be an investigation to close this issue. Otherwise it seems like those who are really to blame are being allowed to walk free.”

President of the International Association “Center”, Oleksandr Davydenko, in his turn, said that they have serious information about what is going on in the east of Ukraine: “Specially trained people are involved in seizing government buildings. You can tell it by their behavior and equipment. Like all terrorists, they use civilians to shield themselves. Some Ukrainian officers have been injured and killed on duty. ”

As for the participants of the events, Mr. Davydenko said: “Russian nationals participate in all of the campaigns, acting as a connecting link. Also, there are local gangs run by mafia bosses who are, in turn, subordinated to oligarchs.”

Furthermore, Mr. Davydenko said that the International Association “Center” is providing recommendations to the Interior Ministry regarding the work of the organized crime department: “Yesterday Arsen Avakov said that the department would follow the Lithuanian pattern and create local self-defense units, as there are people who want to help the law enforcement bodies but are unarmed and unorganized.”

Commenting on the work of the “Alpha” Counter-Terrorism Unit, Sergiy Skorokhvatov underscored: “Now there is no point in trivial lustration, trained officers should go and fight against the external enemy. However, ‘Alpha’ is like a scalpel. You cannot use it to fell trees. Alpha officers are trained to counter an enemy in the open, but not in an enclosed area with civilians all around. Ukraine has enough security and law enforcement personnel to independently deal with all problems. Only a combination of political and precise military actions will lead us to success.”

Sergiy Skorokhvatov is a retired colonel, President of the Association of Veterans of the “Alpha” Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Oleksandr Davydenko is a police lieutenant colonel, President of the International Association of Officers of Special Units for Combating Organized Crime “Center”. In 1995-1998 he was a member of a Presidential task force to create the National Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine. From 1999 to 2000 he served as an assistant to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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