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September 14: Head of defense ministry spoke about possibility of restoration of nuclear status of Ukraine

September 15, 2014

Preparations for parliamentary elections in Ukraine – political forces approve lists of candidates

September 14: Head of defense ministry spoke about possibility of restoration of nuclear status of Ukraine

Head of Defense Ministry spoke about nuclear weapon

Minister of Defense Valeriy Geletey said that Ukraine would be ready to return to the question of restoration of nuclear status in case it wouldn’t get support of the West in counter action against Russian aggression. ‘If we do not manage to protect Ukraine today, if the world doesn’t’ help us, we’ll have to return to creation of nuclear weapon that would protect us from Russia’, – he said.

Parliamentary election if Ukraine

There continues preparation for parliamentary elections scheduled for October 26. Major political forces conduct meeting to form their lists of candidates. On Sunday 6 political parties approved their lists and spoke about programs of further activity.

In particular, representative Party of Regions [previous leading force in Ukraine] declared that their political force had no intention to participate in elections, they are going to create oppositional government instead.

Batkivshchyna [Motherland] party led by Julia Tymoshenko voted for its list of candidates. Tymoshenko proposed to make Nadia Savchenko the first candidate of the named political force. Tymoshenko herself became the second number. [Nadia Savchenko – Ukrainian pilot who is currently kept imprisoned in Russia for the crime she hasn’t committed. There were negotiation to release her during the exchange of war prisoners].

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk has become the first number in list of candidates from ‘Narodniy Front’ [People’s Front] party. Political block of President Poroshenko also approved its list of candidates. Major of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitchko became the first number on the list. Oleg Lyasko became number one in candidate list of hi radical political party.


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