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Separatists attack Donetsk airport (video)

September 30, 2014

Video of separatists attack at Donetsk airport

 Separatists attack Donetsk airport (video)

The video made by separatists about their attempt to attack Donetsk airport. They use different kind of weapons to shell the airport, including tanks. Russian fighters and mercenaries advance on Ukrainian territory.

According to Ukrainian media and ‘Information Resistance’ group at 06.15 am this morning terrorists shelled Donetsk airport with tanks. About 100 terrorists were registered in vicinities of the airport.

Coordinator of ‘Information resistance’ group Dmytro Tymchuk also informed about the movement of 2 KamAz vehicles with ‘Load 200’. The two vehicles left Donetsk and moved in direction of Russia. The trucks bore corpses of Russian mercenaries who had been killed during attempts to attack Donetsk airport.

Source: YouTube,

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