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Russian court prepares to sentence Savchenko for 25 years in prison. – Lawyer Mark Feigin

Russian court prepares to sentence Savchenko for 25 years in prison. – Lawyer Mark FeiginLawyer of Ukrainian MP Nadia Savchenko Mark Feigin believes that Russian court will sentence her to maximum punishment – 25 years in prison.

Unian reports this with reference to Feigin’s interview for BBC Ukraine.


We prepare Nadia that the verdict will be guilty


‘We prepare Nadia that the verdict will be guilty,’ – he said.

The lawyer underlined that sentence for 25 years would no be a result of what would happen in court. Lawyer says they would completely prove innocence of Savchenko in court.

According to Feigin, the verdict will be guilty ‘because it is not written in court but in the Kremlin.’

Meanwhile lawyers mentioned that Savchenko might not be imprisoned in Russia.

‘On inquiry of Ukraine she will be able to serve her sentence in Motherland, formally – in Ukrainian prison.’


Savchenko’s liberation depends on international pressure

Russian court prepares to sentence Savchenko for 25 years in prison. – Lawyer Mark Feigin

The layer also emphasized political bias of the court in Russia. According to him, in such resonance cases as trial of Pussy Riot  members, participants of Bolotnaya Square case and other Russian court didn’t perform independent procedural functions in relation to the accused.

‘How can you talk about the independence of court when Savchenko is under charges for year, we repeatedly appealed to the same court that the case had been fabricated, gave evidence of Savchenko’s innocence. The court would always take positions of the prosecution, from that we learned about political engagement of the court,’ – Feigin explained.

According to him, liberation of Savchenko depends on political dialogue and pressure of international community on Russia.


When commenting influence of Savchenko’s case on Russian society, Feigin mentioned that ‘this would be a huge milestone for that extent of publicity in this case and the fact that 25 years in prison threaten Savchenko (in contrast to 2 years for Pussy Riot).

’25 years for an innocent person. After that neither Russian court nor Russian government will be the same in perception of international community,’ – the lawyer said.


Savchenko as Putin’s tool to agree with the West

Savchenko as Putin's tool to agree with the West


In his interview to Rzeczpospolita Mark Feigin also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin tries to agree with Barack Obama on end of war in Ukraine using Savchenko.

The lawyer explained that Savchenko is part of Russian propaganda. The Russian government accuses ‘Kyiv Junta’ in death of Russian journalists. Illegally arrested Savchenko is used as representation of the alleged Junta.


Putin uses Savchenko to involve America in talks

Putin uses Savchenko to involve America in talks

Feigin also believes that the Kremlin has got a plat to solve conflict in Ukraine and Savchenko is its part.

‘Putin wants to include Americans into negotiations in Norman format. He hopes for big agreement with the west on termination of Ukrainian conflict while Barack Obama is still in the White House. Putin knows that if a Republican or even Hillary Clinton wins the elections it will become more difficult to talk. Savchenko is supposed to be a part of this agreement,’ – Feigin believes.

According to him, at the end of his President term Obama thinks about his historical inheritance. He’s already made serious shifts in relations with Cuba and Iran. And now his advisors who have previously lobbed ‘reload’ with Putin again persuade him for agreement with Russia.

Mark Feigin suggested that Putin wants to share the world in the same way like Stalin did it in Yalta with Churchill and Roosevelt.

‘But we should remember that totalitarian USSR was much more powerful than modern Russia. Today there is no such opportunity and no ideological force,’ – Feigin said.


There are other Ukrainians in Russian prisons


Savchenko lawyer also spoke about many other Ukrainian soldiers illegally imprisoned in Russia. There was no resonance in mass media so that they were quietly sentenced for 20-25 years in prison.

According to Feigin, the same would happen to Savchenko if it was not for noise made by press.

He added that the defense has evidence which proves innocence of Savchenko. Accordion to their materials, Savchenko had been captured before the Russian journalists died. In addition, there are telephone records which give reason to state that she was far from the place where the Russian journalist crew died.

Meanwhile, another Savchenko’s lawyer Illya Novikov believes that sentence for Savchenko has already been written and it includes the maximum punishment.


2 thoughts on “Russian court prepares to sentence Savchenko for 25 years in prison. – Lawyer Mark Feigin”

  1. Yuri

    Now Nadezda Savchenko has a principal role in Ukranian History, as one as Janna d’Ark in France State.

  2. Lina Post author

    No atter how many years of life are left for her, she’s already a symbol of resistance against Russian machine.

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