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Second International Congress of Cultural Activists on June 28-29

Second International Congress of Cultural Activists on June 28-29

Congress of Cultural Activists 2015 is the main event of this summer in sphere of culture for initiators and managers of multidisciplinary projects which initiatives are aimed at changing the country, building a dialogue between business, community and state.

More details about congress and contact data are available on official website.

The congress creates conditions for solving the following tasks:

  • coordinate projects and initiatives between cultural activists for more effective collaboration and multiple results;
  • build bridges between cities, countries, generations, different communities and initiatives;
  • create resolution of cultural activists as joint plan of action to achieve changes in communities and country.


In order to achieve these goals of the congress, the event will take place in interactive format in 4 streams. Each of them would have expert speakers from various fields of practice. It is planned that more than 30 Ukrainian and foreign speakers will participate. They will discuss areas listed below.

Creative industry

This stream includes discussion of the state of creative sector and possibilities of development. How intersectoral connection with other spheres promotes economic development and how it can influence separate businesses and initiatives.

The task of the congress is to study the relevance and influence of innovations and creativity at sustainable development of the country with specific examples and personal stories of success in spheres of design, creative spaces, restaurant and IT-business.

Art mobility

Participants will discuss role and purpose of such international projects as art residences, festivals, symposiums, mobile eco projects.

Western European experience shows that mobile activities can promote development of hospitality and tolerance. Eastern Europe uses this resource as possibility to enter international art market and cultural development in countries which have exodus problem.

In comparison to other EU countries, there is very small number of such projects, but there is maximum number of problems and challenges that can be solved using art mobility.

Urban development

This group will focus on challenges for small town and ways for their solution, future strategies, instruments to involve communities to urban policy.

Small towns are very important because they are centers of culture and identity of the people. The future of towns lies within responsible community groups, increasing level of art mobility, creating centers of alternative education, change of paradigm of plans for dynamic strategies with participation of stakeholders.

The congress opens doors for new level of cooperation of small towns for joint strategy of network development.

Urbanists present projects of urban development of 20 towns in Ukraine. These areas will be used to form task for synergetic cooperation in the development of joint strategy of sustainable development of Ukrainian towns.

Alternative education

Inconsistency of traditional education to modern requirements, conservatism and excessive bureaucracy of public education sphere result in development of alternative, non-formal education.

The task of conference participants is to analyze process from the inside. They will discuss features of existing training projects in spheres of culture, identify pros and cons.

Participants will also consider possible ways of cooperation with official state institutions.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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