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Savchenko won’t stop hunger strike in Russia

Savchenko won’t stop hunger strike in Russia

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko refuses to cease hunger strike until returning to Ukraine.

Pilot and MP Savchenko again announced her determination to continue hunger strike until she is released from Russian prison.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mykola Polozov published her letter with this message in his twitter.

‘I do not cease hunger strike’, – Savchenko wrote.

She says she support her life using ‘chemistry’ [medicine] and has some food once a day or every other day in order to stay alive until the court hearing.

Savchenko says she doesn’t’ let herself die to wait until the court hearing and be there. As for now Nadia Savchenko weights 53 kg.

In addition, lawyer published another letter in which Nadia Savchenko commented attempts to blame her lawyer Mark Feigin.

‘I’m shocked’, – she wrote. – ‘Investigation committee of RF couldn’t break me! So they turned to ma lawyers!’, – Savchenko emphasized.


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