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Savchenko will continue hunger strike

March 5, 2015

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko will continue her hunger strike in Moscow jail

Savchenko will continue hunger strike

Nadia Savchenko announced this decision in Basmanny court in Moscow on March 4.

She is not going to stop her hunger strike until fair trial.

Nadia says she feels ‘normal, however, sooner or later it will kill me’.

’40 kg is death. Now I have 55, 15 kilos remain, but it will not kill me soon’, – Savchenko says.

She also mentions that sometimes she feels dizzy and shaky, but in general she is in normal condition. ‘If there are emotions I am still alive’.

According to Savchenko, she asked thin girls if they really have constant pain in bones. ‘It turns out they do. They are always cold, they are always tired and sleepy. I was surprised that slim people live like that. I’ve never lived like this, this condition is very strange for me, but it turns out it is normal’, – Savchenko said.

She promises that as soon as her preventive measure is changed she will eat.

‘If they change my arrest for some house arrest in embassy I promise that I will at back to my 70 or even 80 kg and I will not complain’, – Nadia Savchenko promised.

When speaking about her plans for the future, Nadia Savchenko says that she wants to return to Ukraine and start doing her job, finally start doing something for Ukraine, but not sit and kill one’s time in Russian prisons.

Nadia Savchenko is going to visit PACE session in April and wants to return to Ukraine alive.

When asked about hope for her liberation she responded: ‘There is always hope, it dies the last, and I am still alive’.

Savchenko’s name Nadia is translated as ‘Hope’.


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