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Savchenko to Putin: worry about fires in Russia, don’t interfere with Ukraine

Savchenko to Putin: worry about fires in Russia, don’t interfere with Ukraine

‘I must be the freest here despite this cage’.

Ukrainian pilot, MP, PACE delegate Nadia Savchenko advised Vladimir Putin to take care of fires in Russia instead of interfering with Ukraine’s internal affairs.

Savchenko said this before announcement of verdict in Basmanny court in Moscow when commenting yesterday’s communication of Putin with Russians.

‘Forests in Russia have been burning for a month, many of nature have perished, and people die. The president [Putin] just threw some scanty money – what 10 000 rubles are worth when man’s house has burnt. He did not even say words of compassion’, – Savchenko said.

She thinks that when Putin was asked question about current situation in Russia, about absence of medicine, Putin reacted like ‘why do you poke me into rubbish in my house?’.

But when he was offered to talk about how bad it is in the neighboring state Putin seated himself comfortably and started developing the themes of oppressed Russian language in Ukraine.

Savchenko underlined that as of this time she hasn’t got a single supporting letter in Ukrainian because they are prohibited and speaking Ukrainian is forbidden for her.

‘If I write something about Russian government it is immediately under censorship, if people write something about Russian authorities to me it falls under censorship as well’, – Savchenko mentioned.


One cannot live in the past

Savchenko underlined that she really appreciates Victory Day on May 9 and Veterans of War. ‘But you cannot make fools of people and live in the past’, – she said.

According to Savchenko, wars and victims should be remembered, but it is not correct bringing every war on the level of holiday, because we can come to remembering wars of Kievan Rus.

Nadia Savchenko shared her memories of going to museum of Great Patriotic War in Kiev on May 9. She mentioned warm atmosphere there when veterans come and everyone can personally give thanks to them for victory and listen to front stories.

‘This is not pathetic, this is sincere’, – Nadia said.


Better plant trees then throw fireworks

Savchenko underlined that when she was a child she really loved parades, but when she grew up she understood how much it costs.

She believes that Russian government would better plant new trees in Siberia instead ones destroyed in fires than throw salutes and fireworks in the air to demonstrate to the whole world that in RF they remember and grieve.

‘I also remember – and it hurts me, but one mustn’t fool people with memory of Victory day and pretend it means that everything is well now. People see that in reality everything is bad’, – she emphasized.

Savchenko believes that Putin should come to East Russia and tell people there that living in Russia is great when their houses have burnt.

‘Let him come and say that it is good in RF and I’ll see if this people beat him on the face’, – Nadia Said.

Savchenko believes that in Russia people still live in Stalinism times.

‘I must be the freest person here despite this cage. I have the right to speak when other people smile, drop their eyes and sit silent’, – Savchenko underlined.

Basmanny court of Moscow declined the defense’s complaint and refused to stop criminal case against Ukrainian pilot, Member of Parliament Nadia Savchenko despite her status of PACE delegate.


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