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Savchenko to be accused of illegal border crossing

Savchenko to be accused of illegal border crossing

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko is to be accused of illegal crossing of Russian border on Friday.

Her lawyer called such accusations ‘bullying’ because Savchenko had been kidnapped.

Ukrainian pilot, Member of Parliament will be officially accused on Friday, April 24.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin informed this in his Twitter.

‘So they stake everything. Investigation representative has just informed me that on Friday Savchenko will be accused of illegal border crossing!’, – the lawyer wrote.

According to Feign such accusation is ‘bullying’ because Savchenko had been kidnapped and transported to Russia against her will.

Immediately after presentation of accusation by article 322 of Russian Criminal Code the defense will appeal against it. ‘Usually it is not done in this way, but they give us no choice’, – Feigin added.

Nadia Savchenko was kidnapped in Donbas in summer 2014. After her transportation to Russia she was accused of involvement in murder of 2 Russian journalists.

According to Savchenko’s defense she couldn’t participate in this crime because she had already been kidnapped at the moment of murder.

On October 26, 2014 Nadia Savchenko was elected member of Ukrainian Parliament.

On January 28, 2015 Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution to release Savchenko in course of 24 hours and return her to Ukraine or to a third party.


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