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Court didn’t recognize Savchenko’s immunity as PACE delegate

Court didn’t recognize Savchenko’s immunity as PACE delegate

Basmanny Court in Moscow refused to recognize immunity of Member of Parliament, PACE delegate from Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko despite that PACE itself recognizes it.

Her lawyer Mykola Polozov informed this.

He said that ultimate decision on Savchenko’s immunity will be made by European Court on Human Rights but not ‘’Basmanny justice’.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin said that if court refuses to recognize her immunity they will continue firing complaints and go to appeal court.

In addition they’ll think of some more practical actions in PACE. ‘We’ll agree on set of practical instruments there which would cause reaction to such court decision’, – Feigin said.

Today Basmanny court of Moscow has two sessions: one on complaint of Savchenko’s defense about refusal to recognize her immunity as PACE delegate, another one is about prolongation of Savchenko’s detention to November 13.

During the second session Nadia Savchenko had pain in her heart. According to lawyer Mykola Polozov, the judge was smiling for five minutes before she finally decided to call for ambulance.


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