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Russian ‘Themis’ says Savchenko is prone to escape, violence and suicide

Russian ‘Themis’ says Savchenko is prone to escape, violence and suicide

Psychologist has recently spoken to Nadia Savchenko in ‘Sailor’s silence’ jail in Moscow.

Ukrinform reports this with reference to ‘Open Russia’ newspaper.

In her conversation to members of Public Supervisory Commission of the Russian Federation Zoya Svetova and Liudmila Alpern Nadia Savchenko explained that she has nobody to talk to.

‘I’ve been in Russian jail for almost a year. I spent almost all the time in solitary confinement’, – Savchenko said.

According to her, they placed three stripes in her personal file already in Voronezh jail [Nadia was kept in Voronezh before being moved to Moscow prison]. These three stripes mean that person is prone to escape, violence and suicide. Nadia explained the last sign in the following way: ‘I said that I would rather die in Ukraine than be imprisoned in Russia. They might have considered it s ‘suicidal tendencies’.

Now Savchenko thinks that they won’t transfer her to common cell even if she asks for it.

‘The investigator explained that he fears for my safety, that when other prisoners find out what I have done they might kill me. In fact, I think, the investigators and prison employees fear that I would agitate my neighbors’, – Savchenko said.

Nadia Savchenko has been imprisoned in Russian jail for 55 week already. She is accused of involvement in murder of two Russian journalists, attempted murder of several civilians and illegal border crossing.

In the coming weeks the RF Prosecutor General’s Office must approve the indictment, the case will be sent to court and preliminary court sessions are scheduled for early August.

Source: ukrinform

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