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Nadia Savchenko is in solitary cell in Rostov-on-Don

Nadia Savchenko is in solitary cell in Rostov-on-Don

Ukrainian pilot and Member of Parliament Nadia Savchenko is kept in solitary cell in one of Rostov-on-Don jails. reports this with reference to chairman of the regional public supervisory commission Leonid Petrashys.

According to him, solitary cell for Savchenko meets all standards and the pilot has no complaints concerning her health.

She has been examined by a doctor and has spoken to psychologist.

Petrashyc has received medical certificate, photos and data and is going to talk to her in person.

He did not specify the jail where Savchenko is kept. However, her lawyers say that the pilot is kept in Novocherkasske which is 30 km from Rosrtov-on-Don. This is the place where Soviet serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo was executed.

Preliminary court hearing is scheduled for July 30 and they will be held in Donetsk city court in Rostov oblast.

Savchenko’s defense says that the trial will last for no more than month. Ukrainian pilot is accused of murder, attempted murder and illegal border crossing.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin believes that she might be saved only via international political pressure.

‘I warn all (especially Ukrainians) against illusions that ‘court will solve it’ and Savchenko will be acquitted. Savchenko will be convicted for a long term. And conviction on this political case is not a result of adversarial process’, – Feigin added.


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