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Savchenko hopes to hold on to the weight of 40 kg

March 3, 2015

Despite problems with her organs Nadia Savchenko expects to hold on until weight of 40 kg

Savchenko hopes to hold on to the weight of 40 kg

Savchenko’s sister Vira informed this.

Her sister’s lawyer Illya Novikov wrote her that Nadia’s state is satisfactory. ‘When I visited her last Friday she told me she counts on her body and will hold on till 40 kg’, – Vira says. However, she believes that this is impossible because loss of more than 30% of body weight is a point of no return.

‘Now it is important to keep the level of blood sugar. If it falls – this is the end. That is why I hope they keep it somehow’, – says Vira Savchenko.

Lately Ukrainian MP called on Savcheko to stop her hunger strike because ‘the country needs heroes alive’.

Vira Savchenko also hopes that President manages to get permission from Russian Federation for Ukrainian doctors to examine Nadia.


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