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Savchenko demands medical examination by UA doctors

March 6, 2015

Nadia Savchenko will agree for hospitalization only when she is examined by Ukrainian doctors

Savchenko demands medical examination by UA doctors

According to demands of Savchenko, only Ukrainian doctors should examine her before she agrees for hospitalization.

Minister of Health protection has already agreed a team of leading experts with the President and now waits for approval from Russian Foreign Ministry.

Nadia Savchenko made decision to cease hunger strike due to her critical state. According to her sister Vira, Nadia is constantly freezing, complains of severe pain in heart and stomach.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov recently assured that president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin keeps a keen eye on health of Nadia Savchenko. He has already been informed about Savchenko’s request for medical examination by Ukrainian doctors.


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