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Savcheko’s lawyer presented video evidence of her innocence

March 11, 2015

Lawyers of Savchenko have got video which proves innocence of Nadia Savchenko

Savcheko’s lawyer presented evidence of her innocence

Lawyer of Nadia Savchenko Mark Feigin presented video which proves that Ukrainian pilot had been kidnapped before 2 Russian journalists were killed.

This video features Nadia Savchenko with bandage on her head and she is being interrogated.

According to Mr. Feigin, the video was made at Ukrainian territory.

‘Even investigation will not appeal against the fact that this is Ukrainian territory because investigation doesn’t say the opposite. It agrees that she [Savchenko] was captured by battalion ‘Zorya’ on June 17. Time is more important here’, – the lawyer said.

Savcheko’s lawyer presented video evidence of her innocence

Screenshot of the video. Person with hidden face is apparently Savchenko.
She responds to fighters’ questions in woman’s voice

According to him, the experts determined that the video was shot at 10.00 am.

Russian investigation claims that Savchenko corrected fire when Russian journalists were killed and after that, at about 12.00 she called commander of battalion ‘Aidar’ Sergiy Melnychuk.

However, data provided by investigation and video don’t coincide with each other. According to Savchenko’s defense, she had already been in captivity for two hours when journalists died. She couldn’t call to anyone because fighters took her telephone and put bandage on her head.

‘Our experts held their expertise. Expert on astronomy defined by degrees, azimuth, positions of the sun that it was 10.00 am’, – said Feigin.

Savchenko’s defense filed a petition to attach this video to materials of the criminal case and to conduct two examinations: one to determine voice of Savchenko on the video and digital expertise to determine the time of shooting.

The author of the video is known. He is Russian citizen Yegor Russkiy who calls himself mayor of the town of Lutugine located on the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast. Lawyers demand the investigation to question him.


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