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Sanctions against Russia: effective or not? Opinions of Borys Nemtsov and Dmitriy Medvedev concerning the issue.

July 17, 2014

Opinions of 2 Russian officials concerning the new sanctions. Who of the two is closer to the truth?

According to Medvedev sanctions of the West can't help Ukraine.


On July 16 US introduced new sanctions against Russian banks and companies, in particular ‘Gazprombank’ and ‘Vneshekonombank’, and also ‘Rosneft’ and NOVATEK. In patricular they’ll be denied of access to US financial markets, and amrican companies will be firbidden to give credits for more that 90 days. The strengthening of sanction was approved by EU.


2 Russian official have expressed their opinion concerning this issue: Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev and oppositional politics Borys Nemtsov.


According to Medvedev sanctions of the West can’t help Ukraine.

‘All these sanctions, unfortunately, can’t help Ukraine in any way’, – he said during the meeting of government on Thursday.

Medvedev thinks that US sanctions that have been imposed on companies in industrial and energy sector will lead to increasing of anti-American moods and will contribute to the consolidation of society.

He underlines that there will be the following consolidation of Russian society against the countries and are trying to limit Russia and are acting against the interest of the country and its citizens. At the same time Medvedev says that sanctions can’t inflict unacceptable damage to Russian economy.

‘Sanctions against Russian companies are illegal at all because they are not based on decisions of Organization of United Nations and are introduced in random order’, – Medvedev said.

He also mentioned that due to sanctions Russia has to rebuild economical model of development and shift to import substituting technology. He noted that the pressure on Russia would not affect on its budget policy and priorities.

‘Social obligations will be performed, we have enough money for this. But, besides, we’ll have to pay more attention to defense and safety’, – Medvedev said.

According to Russian Oppositional politics Borys Nemtsov there'll be a chaos beause of sanctions.


According to Russian Oppositional politics Borys Nemtsov there’ll be a chaos beause of sanctions.

He mentions that this is for the first time that sanctions have been introduced against the biggest companies that are close to Putin. Nemtsov is sure that Russia is facing a crisis and chaos because of sanctions of US.

The Russian politics has written about this on his page in Facebook.

He mentioned that for the first time since Russia had began war against Ukraine sanctions were imposed against the biggest companies close to Putin: ‘Rosneft’ (Sechin), ‘Gazprombank’ (Kovalchuck, Millen), ‘Web’ (Dmitriev), ‘Novatek’ (Tymchenko). ‘The blow has been inflicted upon ‘Gazprom’ which pays though Gazprombank and upon the country’s largest oil company Rosneft. WEB is all the ifrastructure projects of the Kremlin – from the Olympics and the World Cup 2018 to highways Moscow-Kazan and Moscow-Saint Petersburg’, – Nemtsow writes.

He’s also sure that the sanctions can lead to destabilization of the banking system, reducing of gold and foreign exchange reserves and devaluation of ruble in Russia. ‘Putin need chaos in Ukraine in order to revenge Maydan and European choice. But he’ll get chaos in Russia instead’, – Nemtsov resumes.


It should be mentioned that Nemtsov is not the only one who’s preoccupied about the sanctions.

According to an unconfirmed data published in social networks there has started a panic among Russian businessmen.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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