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Russians support counter attacks of terrorists with artillery

August 19, 2014

NATO representative indicate at existence of absolute evidence of Russian support of terrorist in Ukraine

Russians support counter attacks of terrorists with artillery

This was reported by Colonel Andriy Lysenko, spokesman of Information Centre of National Security and Defense council

There are continuing shellings of the positions of the ATO forces from territory of Russian Federation. Thus Russians support counter attacks of terrorists with artillery.

Russia continues to increase the number of its military groups in Roostov oblast close to Ukrainian border. Military reserve that have been called for military training are sent to Ukrainian border.

During the last 24 hour the border guards registered increased activity of Russian drones over the town of Maiupol and Azov Sea coast.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and European Commander Phil Bridlav in their joint statement condemned support of terrorism and strengthening of Russian presence at Ukrainian border. They indicated at the existence of absolute evidence of Russian subversive activity at Ukrainian territory. In this context they stressed the necessity of continued presence of NATO forces in Eastern Europe.

It is said in the statement that the evidence of subversive activity of Russians inside Ukraine, concentration of combat-ready troops around Ukrainian border and cynical attempts to show Russia as the supplier of humanitarian aid are observed every day.

On instruction of the President there have been carried out preparatory arrangements on organization of passing of Russian humanitarian aid through Ukrainian border. As of 09.00 this morning the clearance of humanitarian aid was not carried out due to absence of arrangement between the Red Cross and DNR and LNR terrorist groups representatives concerning the safety of column movement.

Advance team from Red Cross committee has been sent to Luhansk to assess the situation and organize sending and delivery of humanitarian load. The group of 3 person plans to arrive to Ukraine from Donetsk [Rostov oblast, Russia] through the checkpoint ‘Donetsk-Izvaryno’ today.

Source: NSDC

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