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Russian TV compared the collapse of the USSR with the plans of the Nazis: “Like Himmler whispered Yeltsin in the Bialowieza Forest”.

On the anniversary of the German attack on the Soviet Union, Russian television showed a film where Kazakhstan and the Central part of Asia were called a part of Russia and expressed their regret about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

June 24, 2014 

Russian TV compared the collapse of the USSR with the plans of the Nazis: "Like Himmler whispered Yeltsin in the Bialowieza Forest".

Russian television made the 2014 documentary series titled “War and Myths”, which is claimed by the authors to expose contemporary myths about the Great Patriotic War. In the first series of the cycle there are details of the plan ‘OST’ developed by the German Nazis for regulating the peoples who lived in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in particular. Russian film was shown in a live broadcast at “First Channel”, and the text read Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov.


However, the Russian propagandists were unable to stay in the historic part of the “series”, and constantly reminded the audience that, for example, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe “does not remember the lessons of history.”

In the 28 minute of the film it is said: “It would be helpful for our neighbors from the Baltic states, Eastern Europe to read the plan”Ost”, where the cry of the Nazi regime of the Soviet Union is often heard”.

However, the true Russian imperialism of “documentary” is shown in the film, when it carried out the parallels between the implementation of the plan “Ost” on Ukraine and politician Boris Yeltsin, who “hit upon an idea” to give independence to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


In the context of the autonomy of Ukraine, ‘which had previously been anticipated by plan “Ost”on the show used derogatory phrases such as “there’s no need to play games” and a manipulative, such as “this evil plan come true”, “as if Hymler whispered in Boris Yeltsin’s ear”and others.


“Already in May 1941, Rosenberg, presented to Hitler the draft of guidelines regarding future occupied directories. A separate folder was completely devoted to Ukraine. “Reich Commissariat Ukraine”. In such Ukraine Rosenberg saw support for the Third Reich and offered to give her autonomy, based on Ukrainian nationalists. Hitler really approved a number of documents and proposals. But the autonomy of Ukraine struck out at once. He decided there was no way to play games.

“This evil plan came to life only in the late 20th century. Like Himmler himself whispering in the ear of Boris Yeltsin in the Bialowieza Forest. And here is appropriate only to stress that not even the Nazis thought of separation from South Ural steppes of Kazakhstan and Central Asia from Russia. We did it ourselves. Exactly half a century ago, “- said the announcer with regret.


Source: UNIAN.UA



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