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Russian-terrorist forces received 6 targeted supply convoys

March 16, 2015

Fighters accumulate their military equipment closer to Mariupol

Russian-terrorist forces received 6 targeted supply convoys

Here is data about situation in Eastern Ukraine from ‘Information Resistance’ group and their coordinator MP Dmitriy Tymchuk. Map of eastern Ukraine provided by National Security and Defense Council.

According to him, Russian-terrorist forces in Eastern Ukraine pay special attention to accumulation of fuel and actively replenish their stocks of material resources.

In course of the last 2 days arrival of 6 target convoys from Russian Federation was registered. These convoys included 2 railway echelons which consisted of 8 cars each. Their destinations were railway stations in Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk.

Situation at Mariupol direction

According to data from ‘Information Resistance’ group, situation in direction to Mariupol remains to be tense.

Tactical group of Russian-terrorist forces located to the north of Novoazovsk receives reinforcement. The enemy also tries to push Ukrainian forces back to Mariupol by shelling them. In addition Russian forces use tactics of ‘wandering’ tanks and mortar calculations.

Dmitriy Tymchuk underlines that Russian-terrorist forces in Donbas keep grossly violating Minsk agreements and shell positions of Ukrainian forces.

Mostly terrorists use small arms, mortars and other heavy infantry weapons are used episodically. Several cases of firing with armored vehicles and artillery were also registered.

In addition, Russian-terrorist forces keep improving their leading positions in engineering terms.

Engineering works are registered in Mariupol direction, to southeast from Gorlivka, westward from Donetsk, and in the area between Shchastya and Stanysta Luhanska.

Tymchuk mentions that the enemy’s forces use special engineering machinery of Army sample transferred from Russian territory as well as equipment taken from enterprises and organizations of the region.


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