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Russian-terrorist forces overspent ammunition

February 5, 2015

Russian-terrorist forces used up to 150 tons of ammunition daily

Russian-terrorist forces overspent ammunition

MP, head of center of military and political studies, coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytriy Tymchuk informed this in his Facebook.

In course of active offensive activities which Russian-terrorist forces conducted in Eastern Ukraine in lane January – early February 2015 they faced the problem of overspending of ammunitions (first of all – ammunition for cannon artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems).

According to calculation of fighters, in course of their ‘assault’ they shot about 150 tons of ammunition daily.

Russian supplies do not overlap this pending. This results in decrease of intensity of shelling which takes place these days.

For comparison – during the last night positions of Ukrainian forces were shelled more than 20 times. In January intensity of shelling was higher and reached more than 100 times per one day.

Currently commandment of Russian-terrorist forces is trying to solve this problem. Averagely 2 echelons of ammunition of the most used calibers arrive every night to station in the town of Ilovaisk. In most cases, the ammunition is laterelivered to firing positions or to ‘distribution warehouses and bases’.


Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group, head of center of military and political studies, MP Dmitriy [Dmytro] Tymchuk

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