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Russian tanks detected at 8 km from demarcation line

Russian tanks detected at 8 km from demarcation line

Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance detected Russian tanks and other military equipment at distance of 8 km from Demarcation line.

Intelligence of regiment ‘Dnipro-1’ used drone to conduct aerial reconnaissance and detected enemy’s military equipment in village of Bezimenne on Coast of Azov Sea and uploaded video on internet. The village is located at distance of 8 km from demarcation line in Eastern Ukraine.

village of Bezimenne

The video demonstrates that most of locals have abandoned the settlement after arrival of Russian-terrorist forces – streets are empty, there is hardly a person there.

The drone registered concentration of military equipment of terrorist forces which included tanks.

In general, they detected 7 tanks and 16 armored personnel carriers.

One of tanks is of T72 modification. Such tanks are used by Russian Armed Forces exclusively.

We remind that according to Minsk agreements tanks should have been withdrawn at distance of 20 km from the contact line.

They also calculated 31 ‘Ural’ trucks and one radar station.


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