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Russian soldiers in Donbas under the guise of DNR rebels

November 4, 2014

Russian soldiers in Donbas ordered not to make contact with local fighters

Russian soldiers in Donbas under the guise of DNR rebels

Here is an operative data from Experts of Information Resistance group.

During the last day Russian-terrorist troops violated the ceasefire regime more than 20 times. They shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces with small arms, mortars, artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems. In addition there was an unsuccessful assault of checkpoint of the ATO forces near the settlement of Horlivka.

Most actively terrorists shelled checkpoints and positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the following settlements: Donetsk airport [shelled 4 times], checkpoints #31 and #38 [shelled 3 and 2 times correspondingly] settlements of Hranitne and Hirske.

Russian Armed Forces under the guise of rebels

Sub-units of Russian Armed Forces dressed as DNR rebels arrive in one of districts of Donetsk city. During the last 24 hours there arrived about 15 covered trucks and about 100 people. Local fighters received the order from Russian commandment not to get into contact with the arriving Russian servicemen under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, Russian militants located in Donbas received an order prohibiting disclosure of ‘information about the movement of military units’. It is prohibited to give numbers of military units and their names, composition, place of dislocation, types and kinds of military equipment they have in service. In addition, Russian soldiers are ordered to make contact with local fighters and residents only when it is absolutely necessary.

Source: Information Resistance group

2 thoughts on “Russian soldiers in Donbas under the guise of DNR rebels”

  1. Andras Horvath

    You keep claiming that there are Russian troops on the ground in Donbas. Do you have proof? How many of the captured “rebels” are Russians? Pictures? Videos? These are nothing more than unfounded claims…

  2. Lina Post author

    There is plenty of evidence. Look through the website to find it. The information is taken from reliable sources. The whole world knows that Russia is involved.
    And what about humanitarian convoys?
    Do they transport milk in tankers or what? Or people in Donbas drink petrol instead of water.
    Look at this for example. Russian servicemen caught in Ukraine in late August.

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