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Russian servicemen send regards from Donbas

Having forgotten about secrecy and legend of miners fighting against Ukrainian dreadful Nazi in Donbas, men send their regards to friends and relatives in … Russia.

This video has recently appeared on the web. It features about a dozen of men standing near the tank.

From about dozen of men standing in front of the camera only one said he was from Alchevsk which is town in Ukraine.

Others send their regards to Magnitogorsk, Penza, Buryatia. If to take a closer look the man who sends regards to Buryatia has got eye shape that is typical for people from that republic of Russian Federation.

One of men had chevron on his uniform which says ‘Kuzbass’. If you search this word in RU Wikipedia, it comes up with article about 27-th Special Forces detachment of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

The chief task of this military subdivision is fight against terrorism.

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