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Russian servicemen in Ilovaisk in August 2014

March 18, 2015

Security Service of Ukraine released a video featuring Russian servicemen in Donbas in summer of 2014


Russian servicemen in Ilovaisk in August 2014


Ukrainian Security Service has demonstrated another evidence of Russian involvement in the so-called civil was in the east of country. Head of investigation department of SSU Vasyl Vovk informed this.

He demonstrated a video made by fighters of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’ in August 2014 in Ilovaisk. Ukrainian armed forces were encircled in this town at that time. Fighters of volunteer battalion captured Russian conscript servicemen in the town.

According to report by Vovk and the video itself, Ukrainian servicemen captured Russian soldiers and planned to get out of encirclement in Ilovaisk by exchanging those soldiers. However, they got captured during the process of exchange. Ukrainian fighters were released from captivity only recently and they were able to give this video to the Security Service.

The video record features conversation of one of Ukrainian fighters with 4 Russian soldiers who give information about military formations they serve in.

The soldiers are very young (born in 1994-1995), they are conscripts of Russian army.

In the end of the video Ukrainian fighters addresses parents of these soldiers and underlines that he doesn’t want these young guys to die in this conflict.

Vasyl Vovk also informed that investigators received evidence concerning participation of 46 Russian citizens in conflict in Eastern Ukraine. These people are organizers, participants, accomplices of criminal gangs Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, they directly financed terrorist activity of illegal armed groups.

In addition, in course of preliminary investigation in the criminal proceedings, officers examine circumstances of illegal movement of considerable amount of Russian military equipment across Ukrainian border.

37 tanks, 10 armored personnel carriers, 4 multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’, 6 infantry fighting vehicles, 6 minivans, 79 ‘Ural’ trucks pulling artillery howitzers, large amount of small arms and ammunition crossed Ukrainian border without examination or permission of the customs service .


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