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Russian servicemen are afraid of ‘Medics punishers’ who cut off organs

Russian servicemen are afraid of ‘Medics punishers’ who cut off organs

Military doctor Grygoriy Maksymets informed in Facebook how UA medics treated Russian prisoners.

According to him, Russian prisoners are afraid that Ukrainian ‘medics punishers’ would cut off their organs.

One of wounded servicemen demanded to conduct operation on his shoulder without anesthesia so that doctors wouldn’t cut off his kidney.

‘As always in such cases Russian saboteurs were very nervous about their organs that medic punishers should cut off to sell. According to them, their commanders constantly warned them. One of officers occupants even demanded to operate his shoulder without anesthesia – he guarded his kidneys – so we met demands of terrorist worker’, – the doctor wrote.

Another wounded – Alexander Aleksandrov got external fixation device for his broken thigh bone.

captured ru servicmen aleksandrov under operation

The two Russian servicemen were captured by Ukrainian servicemen from Aidar regiment.


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