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Russian occupants to be buried unnamed in Ukraine

September 3, 2014

Ukrainian troops repel Russian attack at Mariupol

Russian occupants to be buried unnamed in Ukraine

Summary of events for September 2, 2014 by coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

1. Our troop make sure: Russian sub-units are incomparably more effective than terrorists groups, but one can (and must) fight against them. If we, unfortunately, retreat and suffer losses, this doesn’t mean that the enemy is invulnerable. Occupants pay with their blood for every step on Ukrainian land.

Russian military hospital in Rostov no longer accepts wounded – it is packed full (though it doesn’t work with vatniki [Internet nickname for pro-Russians] anymore, but only with military personnel of Russian federation). Russians take their wounded to Saint Petersburg, but there are no vacant places there. Every set of detached hand and legs of aggressor is another step to insight of mad Russian society.

We also get data that Russian commandment sets tasks to local authorities of occupied territories of Donbas to allocate land for the burial of murdered Russian soldiers. Putin is afraid to take corpses back to Russia, there’s too much of them – and resonance with ‘preliminary resigned’ Russian soldier-boys is growing. Well, this is worthy fate for an occupant to be buried in unnamed grave like a dog, and even in foreign land.

Mister Putin, lease, take your meat back. Don’t spoil our land with it.

2. Russian occupants and terrorists tried to break into Mariupol from the side of Novoazovsk, but this attempt of break was prevented by border guards and ‘Azov’ battalion soldiers.

For the fact that the attack is repelled – honour and praise to our guys. But there are no doubts that this is a reconnaissance and training for a serious attack (we have already informed that the possibility of simultaneous attack from the sea and the land and air is not excluded). I hope that we are ready to such activity of the enemy.

3. For the second day in a row the Kremlin is shrieking hysterically that statement of Putin to head of European Commission about ‘taking Kiev in two weeks’ has been misinterpreted. Thus, cunning Barroso snatched the phrase out of context. They threaten to provide audio record of the conversation but don’t do it.

Personally I [Tymchuk] have no doubts that Putin being inebriated with impunity might have blurt out something like this. This is in his style. But these frantic attempts of the Kremlin to justify itself show it still has got some breakes. Though we all know quite well that the best brake for advancing Russia is a convincing kick in the teeth.

Source: Dmytro Tymchuk – head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group.

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