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Russian mercenary about two-faced commandment of LNR

Russian mercenary about two-faced commandment of LNR

Russian mercenary from Ekaterinburg gave interview in which he spoke about two-faced commandment of Luhansk People’s Republic and about being called ‘occupant’ by locals.

Russian mercenaries from town of Ekaterinburg fought on the side of the so-called rebels of LNR. They were disappointed with two-faced commandment of LNR and local residents called them ‘occupants’.

Head of Sverdlovsk fund of Special Forces veteran Vladimir Efimov spoke about this after his return from Ukraine to Russia.

He had gathered group of 50 volunteers to participate in hostilities in Eastern Ukraine.

‘According to Kiev laws we are terrorists. In Madrid court we are also terrorists. According to Luhansk Republic law, people not included in the staff of the armed forces are members of illegal armed groups. And if on takes money the offer on contract he becomes mercenary in Russia. They [the self-proclaimed republic] obviously tend to Ukraine. They pay taxes to the. And local residents call us occupants’, – Efimov said.

According to mercenary, when they lost desire to work in this republic they went to Donetsk People’s Republic. Efimov said that situation there was much better and people welcomed them.

He said that his people would no longer work in LNR.

In addition, it is said that mercenaries had to return to Russia at their expense: Efimov quarreled with one of his ‘sponsors’ when announced his name to journalists. The ‘sponsor’ had business abroad, so that he refused to give money to Efimov and his group.

Despite things that happened Efimov plans to prepare new group of mercenaries. He already got 40 volunteers to participate in hostilities.


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