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Russian marines attack Donetsk airport – video

Heavy battles for strategic Donetsk airport

Here is summary of the previous week by correspondent of LigaBusinessInforms news agency Peter Shuklinov. The journalist gives special attention to the main focus of the previous week – Donetsk airport.

Battles for this strategic location intensified significantly over the last week.

Both sides used heavy artillery, they identified and suppressed fire points of the opponents.

On Sunday, January 18, terrorist fighters had to blow up a bridge in Donetsk city to stop advancing of Ukrainian troops.

However, this turned out to be a mere unjustified action because there were no plans to release the city yesterday.

The heavy battles for Donetsk airport don’t stop for several days already. The Russian army tries to force Ukrainian troops to retreat.

Russian marines in the airport

If earlier Russian troops would dress in another uniform trying to impersonate themselves as ‘Donbas revels’, now they don’t care about this anymore.

One of main TV channels of Russian Federation – Russia1 – made a video reportage which featured soldiers of Russian marines. Their chevrons are easy to spot in the following video.

Ukrainian army controls more than half of Donetsk airport. Soldiers and mercenaries from RF keep their positions in the old terminal and some nearby buildings.

Ukrainian Armed Forces make attempts to sweep the territory of airport from Russian militants. However, so far they haven’s fully succeeded.

Meanwhile, yesterday Ukrainian forces managed to carry out several successful operations on elimination of Russian occupants.

Despite significant losses, the Russian side doesn’t give up the path of aggression and continues transferring its military units to occupied territories of Ukrainian Donbas. In additions, the keep using the Crimean tactics – they hide behind civilians and strike from residential areas in towns and cities.

Source: LigaBiznesInform

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