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Russian Investigation Committee is search of Nazism in Ukraine

Russian Investigation Committee is search of Nazism in Ukraine

Article written by journalists of UNIAN Konstantyn Goncharov and Tatyana Urbanska.

Investigation Committee of Russian Federation doesn’t stop to surprise Russian citizen. Instead of restoring order in Russia, it regularly ‘pleases’ people with new criminal cases against Ukraine.


For example, on Monday, March 30, the Investigation Committee of Russian Federation started a criminal case which concerns desecration of symbols of Russian military glory committed publicly on territory of Ukraine. The investigators ‘discovered’ facts of ‘damage and desecration of sculptural and architectural structures dedicated to fights against Nazism and victims of Nazism, burial places of participants of struggle against Nazism, and desecration of symbols of military glory of Russia which were committed on public on the territory of Ukraine…’.

Russian investigators claim that they have specific facts which give evidence of destruction and desecration of monuments dedicated to Soviet fighters against Nazism committed by unknown people across Ukraine in 2014. According to Russian investigators, they have been collecting this evidence since January 2014. And in understanding of Russian Investigation Committee, ‘rehabilitation of Nazism’ in Ukraine is done by such Banderivists regions as Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and even Kharkiv oblast [initially Kharkiv oblast wan one of goals of ‘Russian world’ in Ukraine, but they failed to establish republic there].

Its interest towards the collected ‘evidence’ Investigation Committee of Russia Federation bases on fact Russia is a successor of USSR and as the ‘destroyed and desecrated’ monuments are symbols of military glory of soviet soldiers, they see such actions as ‘unlawful actions directed against interests of Russian Federation’.


Russian investigators beyond reality

Russian Investigation Committee is search of Nazism in Ukraine

It should be mentioned that this is not the first criminal case started by Russian Investigation Committee (IC) against Ukraine concerning events which took place on the territory of Ukraine.

For example, last year in May, having already annexed Crimea, IC of RF started criminal case against Ukrainian servicemen of the National Guard and representatives of the Right Sector ‘on the facts of shelling of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Mariupol and other towns of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics’.

We remind that Russia was officially acknowledged neither DNR nor DNR.

However, this behavior is not a wonder if Russian investigators do not disdain open lies.

For example, in late March 2015 (during the announced ceasefire after second Minsk negotiations and withdrawal of heavy weapons from demarcation line in Eastern Ukraine) the IC of RF announced that ‘unknown people among servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine, acting on motives of political and ideological hatred and enmity, organized usage of heavy types of offensive weapons of indiscriminate effect to conduct artillery shelling of territories of self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s Republic’. But the fact is that during period of time specified by the Investigation Committee territories of self-proclaimed weren’t shelled, and even DNR representatives confirmed this.


Political strategist, director of company of personal and strategic consulting ‘Berta Communications’ Taras Berezovets also reminded that IC of RF started several criminal cases against deputies of Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada on basis of alleged incitement for terrorism.

According to the expert, in this case IC of RF does things which Federal Security Service and police are afraid to do.

‘Roughly speaking, FSS and police do not dare to do unlawful things which the Investigation Committee does by starting absurd criminal cases against foreigners possessing diplomatic immunity, and not a single country would give them [to Russia]’.


Propaganda instead of law

Russian Investigation Committee is search of Nazism in Ukraine

Actually, the present case of Russian Investigators is not only too obvious, it doesn’t lie within their legal plane.

‘This question lies not within legal plane because Russian Investigation Committee has got nothing to do within Ukrainian – other independent state – legal plane’, – Ukrainian lawyer, deputy Head of Central Electoral Commission Andriy Magera said.

In this regard, in his opinion, this is rather a political question and actions of Russian IC have propagandistic character. According to Ukrainian law, country’s symbols and symbols of foreign state are under protection. Correspondingly, if facts presented by IC of RF [concerning renovation of Nazism] are true, they should be investigated by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

‘That is why adoption of some decisions by Investigation Committee of some other state in regard of events which took place on territory of Ukraine actually look funny’, – Magera believes.

Former General Consul of Ukraine in Edinburg and Istanbul Bogdan Yaremenko sticks to the same position. He believes that Russia sticks to its ideological position representing itself as successor of Soviet Union and winner of Great Patriotic War [WWII].

Speaking about legal component, Yaremenko believes that actions of Russian IC are complete nonsense. ‘Because any crimes, law violations and deals have specific jurisdiction. If something takes place on Ukrainian territory, correspondingly, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, local jurisdiction agencies have to react, but not Russian Federation’.


Moreover, IC of RF or other Russian agencies have no authority in Ukraine.

‘This is gross violation of international law, principles of law and existing agreements between Ukraine and RF. And this is one more evidence of aggressive external policy of the Kremlin’, – Yaremenko says.

According to him, while developing the theme of ‘spiritual values’, ‘memory of ancestors’ and other traditions issues, Russia is trying to boost information reasons which are connected to ideological background of fantastic external and internal policy of the Kremlin.


Head of Center of Applied political studies ‘Penta’ Volodymyr Fesenko agrees to this opinion. He thinks that actions of Investigation Committee of RF are other violations of international law.

‘Concerning bilateral relations – this is not the first and not the last case like this. What we should pay attention to is impudence of Russia’s actions which starts criminal cases in regard of Ukraine. Ukrainian territory is not territory of jurisdiction of Russian Federation’.

According to him, from its side Ukraine can start criminal cases against Russia even today. However, who would consider such cases serious? But the political scientist believes that Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should react correspondingly to every such ‘invstigation’.


Discrediting of Ukraine and Ukrainians using hatred to Nazism


Anyway, actions of the Kremlin (And who has got doubts that criminal cases started by IC of RF come from there?) aim further demonization of Ukraine. Journalists believe that ‘escalation’ should be expected in the following month.

Thus, according to head of Center of Political and Legal programs Yuriy Yakymenko, the current criminal case of the Investigation Committee is directly connected to attempt to represent Ukraine as Nazi country on the eve of celebration of great victory.

‘It is difficult to comment actions of IC of RF from the point of view of nationality and common sense. What it is done for? Actually this is tool of information war in order to show that there are Nazis (fascists) in Ukraine, those who reject great victory of Great Patriotic war, the ones who want to make heroes of fascists and Nazis. It fits their propagandist framework. In addition, it takes place on the eve of Victory Day on May 9. This is an attempt to show Ukraine as Nazi state’.

Yakimenko doesn’t exclude that this criminal case will be used in Russian mass media as continuation of chain of analogical decision of IC on ‘prosecution of Ukrainian ‘punishers’.

On the other hand, the expert says that despite impossibility of IC to conduct any investigation in Ukraine in lawful plane, Moscow can use such ‘investigations’ as pretext to arrest Ukrainian citizens on Russian territory. And this is real danger for Ukrainians in RF.

According to him, this will further stimulate alienation of Ukraine and Russia on level of society.

‘And this is the evidence of this turned upside down reality which Russian government is trying to create in regard of Ukraine’, – Ykymenko believes.

And while Investigation Committee is busy with ‘rehabilitations of Nazism’ in Ukraine, in Saint Petersburg Nazi forum is held without obstacles, in Moscow gangs of Russian Nazis with impunity

beat (sometimes with lethal consequence) people in street. In Russian periphery local government with impunity destroys monuments dedicated to fight of Soviet soldiers against Nazism. However, Investigation Committee of Russian Federation does not care.


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