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Russian humanitarian convoys is expected to arrive to Ukraine on Wednesday

The arrival of the humanitarian convoy from Russian Federation is expected on Wednesday in the morning.

Russian humanitarian convoys is expected to arrive to Ukraine on Wednesday (Video)

The following video features a large number of military vehicles painted in white.

It was reported that the convoy includes 280 KamAz vehicles that carry about 2.000 tons of humanitarian aid collected by the residents of Moscow and Moscow oblast. The aid includes food: cereals, sugar, baby food: medicine, sleeping bags and electric power stations of different power capacity.

In his telephone conversation with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso Russian president Vladimir Putin said that ‘Russia in cooperation with the representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross is sending the humanitarian convoy to Ukraine’.

Later it turned out that the Red Cross representatives were not involved in the formation of this convoy.

The international community expressed preoccupation concerning this convoy because it might contain weapon and military manpower under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Ukrainian officials called this Putin’s initiative profanity and cynicism. The delivery of humanitarian aid was con coordinated with Ukrainian authority.

Source: UNIAN.UA, YouTube

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