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Russian court will decide fate of Ukrainian citizen Nadia Savchenko

December 18, 2014

Russian investigation and court will decide the fate of Nadia Savchenko

Russian court will decide fate of Ukrainian citizen Nadia Savchenko


Russian President said this in response to question of Ukrainian correspondent Roman Tsymbakiuk at press conference in Moscow. The journalist asked him about Ukrainian pilot and member of parliament Nadia Savchenko, director Oleg Sentsov and another several dozen of Ukrainian citizens kept imprisoned in Russian Federation.

Russian investigation and court will decide the fate of Nadia Savchenko


‘These people (2 Russian journalists, Nadia Savhcenko is accused of involvement in their murder) were killed. According to the data from law enforcement agencies, Mrs. Savchenko was the gunplayer in this murder. If in course of preliminary investigation and trial it turns out that she has got nothing to do with it, she will me immediately released. If it turns out that she is guilty and has participated in this murder … she will serve her sentence according to decision of the court’, – Putin said.

‘However, nobody has the right to preliminary declare man guilty of any crime, meaning that the presumption of innocence functions in our country. That is why we will see how their preliminary investigation will develop and what conclusions the court will come to’, – Putin underlined.

On December 17, 2014 at a press conference in Moscow layer of Nadia Savchenko Mark Feigin said that data mobile phone billing prove alibi of Ukrainian pilot and her non-involvement in the death of Russian journalists near Luhansk.

According to the lawyer, the issue of liberation of Savchenko will be decided in the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin himself.


As we previously informed, Nadia Savchenko had been kidnapped in Donbas by Russian militants. According to Russian investigators, in course of hostilities in the area of Luhansk city, Nadia Savchenko joined the ‘Aidar’ battalion.

She allegedly found out location of group of Russian employees and other civilians near Luhansk and gave this coordinates to fighters. Later there was mortar shelling which resulted in death of two Russian journalists Igor Korneliuk and Anton Voloshyn. In addition Savchenko was accused of illegal crossing of Russian border, although primarily investigators claimed that she had been captured at Russian territory where she had come as a refugee.

On October 26 Nadia Savchenko was elected Member of Parliament in the list of ‘Motherland [Batkivshchyna]’ political party.

On October 27, after the request of the investigation Basmanny Court of Moscow extended the tem of keeping Savchenko in detention until February 14, 2015.

Defenders of Savchenko appealed Russian Investigation Committee with request for termination of the criminal proceeding due to her status of military hostage.

On December 15 Nadia Savchenko, who is kept in Moscow jail, announced hunger strike because she had been deprived of proper medical care.



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