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Russian court has arrested the commander of the 72-nd battalion for two months

August 8, 2014

The court in Rostov oblast has made decision to arrest commander of the first battalion of the 72-nd battalion major Ivan Voytenko for two months

Russian court has arrested the commander of the 72-nd battalion for two months

This was informed by employee of Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don.

Currently the court continues to consider materials concerning another 4 Ukrainian officers. ‘The session is still in process. Currently there has been made a decision to arrest Major Ivan Voytenko for 2 months. Session concerning the other officers is in process but everyone understands that the scrip has long been agreed’, – said the Consulate employee.

He underlined that court had made decision to hold closed session despite objections of Ivan Voytenko.

‘We were put out of the room’, – the Consulate employee stated. He underlined that he had demanded the court to add to the case the demands of Ukrainian government for immediate release of Ukrainian officers that are being kept illegally.


As it was reported previously on August 4 438 Ukrainian soldiers of Armed forces had to retreat to territory of Russian federation due to shelling. Later almost all of them returned to Ukraine. Russian continues to hold 5 Ukrainian officers.

Today the Investigate Committee of Russian Federation has arrested 5 officers of the 72-nd brigade that are being ‘suspected’ of ‘usage of heavy assault weapons of indiscriminate action’, ‘also their involvement to shelling of Russian territory is being checked’.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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