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Russian contract soldier about crossing UA border and shooting at Ukrainian soldiers

March 3, 2015

Russian contract soldier: servicemen are aware that they are sent to war in Ukraine

Russian contract soldier about crossing UA border and shooting at Ukrainian soldiers

Russian 20 years old contract soldier Dorzhy Batomunkuev gave interview to journalist from Russian ‘New magazine’ [Novaya Gazeta].

The soldiers says he is contract servicemen in Russian armed forces, 5th separate tank brigade [Ulan-Ude], military unit #46108. He was called to military service on November 25, 2014. In June 2014 he signed contract for three years.

The young man has got burned face and hands after battle in Logvinovo near Debaltseve. Currently the soldier is being treated in Donetsk hospital.

According to Dorzhy, their commandment said it was sending them to military training, however, everyone new they were going to Ukraine.

‘We all knew where we were going’, – the soldier says. He was prepared in moral and physical way that they would have to go to Ukraine. They painted distinctive signs on their tanks in Russia. All distinctive signs on their uniform were removed when they arrived to testing ground. It all was done to disguise themselves. Soldiers left their military passports in their military unit in Russia and military ID were left at testing ground.

 They knew they were crossing border, but very few refused

According to Dorzhy, there were soldiers which refused to participate in war. He said that when they were crossing Ukrainian border everyone understood this. However, nobody would refuse to fulfill an order.

‘We all understood we were crossing the border. What would we do? Not to stop though. There is an order. We all knew what were going to and what might happen. However, few people gave way to fear’, – soldier Batomunkuev said.

Soldiers also said that local fighters fought reluctantly and they weren’t used in serious tasks. Local fighters occupy some positions and when it is necessary to go and overcome the enemy they refuse. The say whey wouldn’t go because it is dangerous there. So that Russian soldiers are used in these cases.

 Soldier in bloody bandage boasts about shooting at UA soldiers in Debaltseve

Dorzhy boasted that there was plenty ammunition in their disposal.

In his interview, Russian soldier spoke about shooting at Ukrainian soldiers when they were retreating from encirclement in Debaltseve.

‘Yes, we completely encircled them and watched. They tried to make forays – groups of infantry on ‘Ural’ [trucks], on infantry fighting vehicles, on tanks and everything they could use. We were ordered to shoot to defeat at once. So we shot them. Here they are breaking through encirclement, want to make the road, want to escape, and we have to destroy them. They make forays at night, when it gets dark, the ‘movement’ starts immediately. You look – here and there people ride in tank, people walk and you open fire. Nobody spared shells. There was enough of ammunition’, – fighters wrapped in bloody bandages boasted.


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