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Russian channel messed up evidence to blame Ukraine for MH17 crash

Russian channel distorted video evidence of movement of anti-aircraft system BUK in Donbas on July 17-18, 2014 to blame Ukraine for MH17 crash.

In one of its news reportages Russian channel NTV declared that the tractor pulling anti-aircraft system BUK was filmed in town of Krasnoarmiysk instead of Luhansk. The first town is controlled by Ukraine, the second is under control of pro-Russian forces.

Russian mass media keep their investigation of crash of Boeing MH17 of Malaysian Airlines which took place on July 18, 2014 near the village of Grabove in Donbas.

On April 5, 2015 Russian channel NTV said that Kyiv allegedly doesn’t provide any evidence that the Boeing was downed by separatists and western investigators don’t listen to witnesses.

In this news they also speak of tractor with Buk system. The International Investigation Group which includes specialists from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands and Ukraine has got photo and vide evidence of presence of Buk anti-aircraft system and tractor Volvo in east of Ukraine.

Here follows interpretation of the evidence by Russian channel. According to them, movement of tractor pulling the weapon was filmed in town of Krasnoarmiysk after it was taken under control of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Correspondingly, Russian mass media believe that witnesses of the crime should be searched among commandment of Ukrainian army.

In reality movement of tractor and Buk was filmed in town of Luhansk which has been under control of Russia-backed separatists for more than year already. This information is included in investigation of journalists from Netherlands and Germany within the framework of CORRECT!V project. The video was published by International Investigation Group as well.

On July 18, 2014 at 05.00 am brand Volvo tractor puller anti-aircraft complex Buk toward Ukrainian-Russian border, movement was recorded in Luhansk.

Within the framework of CORRECT!V project investigation they informed that this video was discussed at press-conference in Russia. In particular, Lieutenant General Kartapolov said that video was filmed in Krasnoarmiysk.

However, journalists of CORRECT!V project visited Luhansk in November and confirmed: ‘video is real, even the billboard of car dealer ‘Bogdan’ remained in its place, although it became a little shabby’.


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