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Russian can bomb its own humanitarian convoy. – Yatseniuk

August 22, 2014

Ukrainian Prime Minister: Russian can bomb the humanitarian convoy

Russian can bomb its own humanitarian convoy. – Yatseniuk

This was said by Arseniy Yatseniuk during his interview to Ukrainian media channels.

Ukrainian Prime Minister mentioned that After inspection of several trucks of Russian ‘humanitarian convoy’ it turned out that they were loaded maximum of 8 tones from 25 tones of overall transportation capacity.

‘So that these are almost empty vehicles’, – Yasteniuk added. – ‘After this Russians decided that Ukraine could show the whole world that this humanitarian convoy is mere fiction. And after this, without having negotiations with the Red Cross, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs quickly issued a statement that they had decided to pass through Ukrainian border’.

‘Now they expect that several vehicles of the so-called ‘humanitarian convoy’ would be bombed by Russians themselves. Thus they would once again motivate the whole world: this is hunta fighting its own people’, – Yatseniuk emphasized.

He underlined: ‘We won’t give them possibility to do so’.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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