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Russian aggression in Ukraine and its victims [Infographics]

Russian aggression in Ukraine and its victims [Infographics]

One year ago, on September 5, 2014, a first Minsk agreement was signed in Belarus.

After hard defeat and tragic losses in Ilovaisk in late summer this agreement looked a like an acceptable plan to resolve the conflict.

However, one year after, when we already have the second version of Minsk agreements, it is obvious that they don’t work and situation has deteriorated.

In course of this year Russia-backed fighters constantly violated ceasefire agreements and committed war crimes such as:

  • shelling of towns resulting in killing of civilians
  • massive repressions against Ukraine patriots on the occupied territories
  • repressions of the clergy
  • murders, merciless treatment and tortures of prisoners
  • marauding in occupied towns and settlements
  • 298 innocent people killed when Russian militants downed MH17
  • Militants in Donetsk People’s Republic introduced death penalty.


Military aggression of Russian Federation in Ukraine resulted in murders of thousands of people, over one million of internally displaced people, 60 % of whom are children and women.

This infographics is brought to you by Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

victims of russian aggression in Ukraine


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