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Russia wants US and NATO instructors to leave Ukraine

Russia wants US and NATO instructors to leave Ukraine

Foreign Ministry of Russia Federation will demand that all foreign military instructors leave Ukraine and don’t train Ukrainian servicemen because ‘it is a dangerous process’.

Deputy Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Gregoriy Karasin informed this.

‘We know that hundreds of servicemen from United States and NATO are going to come to Ukraine and train the National Guard. Training camps are being created not only in western Ukraine but in other regions of the country. This is a dangerous process. We will seek to ensure that all foreign and illegal armed formations leave Ukraine’, – he said.

Meanwhile Russian representative didn’t specify the type of danger that instructors and military trainings will bring.

On April 20 almost 300 paratroopers will arrive to Lviv oblast in Ukraine to help 900 soldiers of the National Guard.


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