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Russia wants part of California

 September 26, 2014

 Russia wants more territories

Russia wants part of California

‘Information Resistance’ group informs this with reference to Russian mass media ‘Izvestiya’.

Imperial desires of Russian aggressor progress further. The deputy of Russian State Duma [Parliament] Mikhail Degtyarev believes that Russian can return part of territory of California. The official declared that the sale of former Russian settlement Fort Ross and surrounding areas was illegal. The deal was concluded in XIX-th century.

‘We want to get our land due to the law. – Degtayrev said. According to him Fort Ross is Russian property, the deal of its sale negligible and covered in darkness. ‘If the investigation reveals violation of law, we need to apply to the Supreme Arbitration Court in order to return our land and to build a system of “Iskander” there’.

Experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group note that, accordig to open sources, operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander” can guarantee Russia military rapid defeat of even well-protected targets in Europe.

The request of Degtayrev will be considered during 30 days. Meanwhile, greedy Russian parliament speaks about necessity of future revision of selling territories of Alaska to United States.

Source: Information Resistance group

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