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Russia tries to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine

January 28, 2015

Russia changes laws to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine

Russia tries to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine

The Federal Migration Service declared its readiness to prolong the term of stay for Ukrainian citizens if Russia ‘for the period of internal Ukrainian crisis’.

Russia has decided to prolong the terms of stay for more than 90 days for Ukrainian citizens including conscripts.

Press service of Russian Ministry informed this.

In order to prolong the temporary stay citizen of Ukraine should apply to the territorial division of Federal Migration Service of Russia with passport and migration card. Departments of Russian FMS have been instructed to prolong the temporary stay for Ukrainian citizens for the oeriod of domestic Ukrainian crisis. The prolongation is done by making corresponding notes in the migration card’, – the Russian Ministry informed.

Meanwhile it is underlined that according to article 5 of the federal Law of July 25, 2002 ‘On the legal status of Foreign Citizens in Russian Federation’ the period of temporary stay of Ukrainian citizen in Russian Federation cannot exceed 90in total during each period of 180 days.


Putin proposes Ukrainians to evade mobilization


On January 26, 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin offered prolong the period of temporary stay in Russia for Ukrainian citizens of military age so that they would evade mobilization.

‘By the way, many people evade mobilization, they are trying to move to us, stay here for some time. However, we have a problem there – in accordance with the law, citizens of Ukraine cannot stay on territory of RF for more than 30 days [according to bilateral agreements Ukrainian citizens can stay in RF for 90 days – editor], then they go back, get caught and sent there [Russian president means they are sent to war against their will].

‘We will probably change something here. Within the framework of the law we can prolong the period of stay for certain categories of people, especially those of military age’, – Putin said.


The fourth wave of mobilization in 2015

The fourth wave of mobilization in 2015

In 2015 the mobilization will be conducted in 3 phases and last from January to August. The fist phase has begun on January 20 and will last for 90 days, the second phase will begin approximately in April and will last for 60 days, the third phase is to start in June and last for 60 days as well.

It is planned to mobilize 200 000 Ukrainians. In addition, 40 000 Ukrainian citizens will be called for military service.

On January 26 the press secretary of Defense Ministry of Ukraine Viktoriya Kushnir has said that pro-Russian forces are preparing provocations to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine.



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