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Russia is talking about dangers for nature from ‘Ukrainian wall’

 September 12, 2014

They believe in Russia that the wall at the border could make harm to ecology in RF

Russia is talking about dangers for nature from ‘Ukrainian wall’ 2

In Russian State Duma they want environmentalists to test the construction of the wall that is to be built at Ukrainian-Russian border.

State Duma [Parliament] deputy Mikhail Degtyarov wants Russian environmentalists to rate the possible damage that, in his opinion, might be caused by building of defensive structures on the border of Ukraine and Russia.

As it was informed Russian deputy has already prepared an appeal to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and World Wildlife und to organize an international commission on environmental monitoring and assessment of building of the ‘wall’.

According to Degtayrov the plans of Ukraine might damage flora and fauna of five Russian regions along which the works are planned.

Earlier Information and Analytical center of National Security and Defense Council informed that in 2014-2015 Ukraine plans to build protective structure at the border with Russia.

Russia is talking about dangers for nature from ‘Ukrainian wall’

Editor: it is interesting that Russian officials don’t bother about infrastructure, flora and fauna of Donbas that they have destroyed with their mercenaries and army.


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