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Russia sends the eighth humanitarian convoy to Donbas

November 20, 2014

Russian Federation is preparing eighth humanitarian convoy for Ukrainian Donbas

Russia sends the eighth humanitarian convoy to Donbas

The exact data and time of sending are not known, but the process of formation of the eighth humanitarian convoy has already started.

Deputy of the head of Russian Ministry of Emergencies Vladimir Artamonov informed this.

‘There is a process of formation of the next convoy’, – he said. Although he could not specify data and time of its sending.

According to Artamonov, the load would be sent to Donbas after ‘agreeing on the line of Foreign Ministry’.

Previously Luhansk State Administration informed that the previous Russian humanitarian convoy that had arrived to the territory of Luhansk oblast controlled by fighters contained only ammunition.

Previously we informed about transformation of Ukraine after Revolution of Dignity.


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