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Russia refuses to have negotiations concerning Donbas

November 6, 2014

Russia refuses to have further negotiations concerning Donbas

Russia refuses to have negotiations concerning Donbas

Russia refuses to return to negotiations on regulation of situation in Eastern Ukraine in ‘Geneva format’ (with participation of Russia, EU, USA and Ukraine).

Russian Foreign Ministry informs that they refuse to have further negotiations concerning Donbas. They wrote about that on their official website.

‘It is obvious now that all these agreements [Minsk agreements] have been grossly violated by Ukrainian side. Instead of de-escalation Kyiv activated hostilities in South-East with usage of heave military equipment which resulted in 1000 of casualties and large-scale damages’, – says Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Russian MFA, instead of ‘real constitutional reform’ and establishing dialogue with people there have been made some vague backroom maneuvers’, which have yet realized into anything but ‘empty promises’.

‘There appears question of expediency of returning to format which has not brough the expected result. Should it be better for Ukrainian side to fulfill what has been agreed on and what has been promised?’, – they sum up.


We, on our side, believe that Russian side is doing nothing but trying to evade uncomfortable questions about realizations of their own promises. They are trying to hide their own crimes by putting blame on Ukraine for numerous violations of ceasefire regime and casualties among civilians.

Previously media reported that Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk had once again underlined the necessity of holding negotiations concerning regulations of situation in Donbas in ‘Geneva format’: Ukraine – USA – EU – Russia.


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