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Russia has put forward 3 demands to Ukraine and EU on implementation of Association Agreement

September 18, 2014

Russia put forwards demands to Ukraine and EU

Russia has put forward 3 demands to Ukraine and EU on implementation of Association Agreement

Russian demands concern implementation of Association Agreement of Ukraine and EU. Head of Ministry of Economic development Aleksey Ulukaev published these demands in his letter to European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht in Twitter.

The demands are the following:

Firstly, Russia insists on legal registration of delay of partial implementation of the Agreement.

Secondly, the beginning of full or partial implementation of the Agreement until December 31, 2015 for Russian would mean its actual entry into force, thus bringing the mentioned earlier threats.

The third, it is emphasized that the working of trilateral group must be strengthened.

‘Russian insists that this group should receive the mandate that would be directed at preparation of propositions concerning changes of Association Agreement of EU and Ukraine that would remove Russian concern with the help of legal formulation’.

Meanwhile European Parliament has formulated the list of criteria that must be fulfilled to remove sanctions against Russia. EP intends to ask members of EU and EU foreign service to introduce clear set of criteria for Russia to fulfil if it wants the sanctions to be removed.

The EU members are offered to agree on the following:

–          Complete withdrawal of Russian troops and mercenaries from Ukrainian territory

–          Termination of supply of arms and equipment for ‘rebels’

–          Compliance to the regime of ceasefire

–          International monitoring of the ceasefire

–          Ukrainian authorities regain control over the whole territory of Ukraine


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