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Russia plans sending three humanitarian convoys to Donbas

March 2, 2015

In March Russian Federation plans to send 3 humanitarian convoys to Ukrainian East

Russia plans sending three humanitarian convoys to Donbas

The Emergency Ministry of Russian Federation plans sending 3 more humanitararian convoys to Ukrainian Donbas.

Acting head of the National Center for Crisis Management Alexei Smirnov informed this.

‘Delivery of 3 humanitarian loads is scheduled for March’, – he said.

We remind that Russian Federation has been sending the so-called humanitarian convoys to Donbas since August 2014. Columns of trucks with unknown content cross Ukrainian border without examination of customs office and border guards. In addition, none of previous 16 humanitarian convoys was accompanied by representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine claims that all Russian humanitarian convoys serve as coverage for armed support of terrorism. Mostly the white military trucks with ‘humanitarian aid’ bring ammunition, dry rations and weapon.

On February 27 the 16-th Russian Humanitarian convoy crossed Ukrainian border.


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