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Russia plans to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine this week

November 24, 2014

Another humanitarian convoy is to be sent to Ukraine by the end if this week

Russia plans to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine this week

The next, the eighth humanitarian convoy can be sent to Ukrainian Donbas in late November.

Press secretary, Deputy Head of Emergency Ministry of Russian federation Vladimir Artamonov informed this.

‘We waited for [November] 27-28, however, it can be shifted plus–minus several days’, – he said when answering the question about terms of departure of the convoy.

‘This can be early December, maybe earlier, I’ve told you the numbers’, – he added.

According to Artamonov, the decision about sending of convoy can be made ‘soon’.

According to National Security and Defense Council, Russia, as usually, has not agreed with Ukrainian government on the issue of delivering of another humanitarian convoy. The previous ones crossed Ukrainian border without being examined by Ukrainian customs services and not accompanied by representatives of International Committee of the Red Cross.

Previously Luhansk State Administration reported that the seventh Russian humanitarian convoy that had arrived to occupied territory of Luhansk oblast contained only ammunition.


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