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Russia offered Poland to divide Ukraine. – Sikorsky

October 20, 2014

Former Polish Foreign Minister: Putin offered to divide Ukraine in 2008

Russia offered Poland to divide Ukraine. - Sikorsky

Current President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin offered to former head of the government of Poland Donald Tusk to participate in division of Ukraine in 2008 during his visit to Moscow.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland who had accompanied Tusk during his visit informed this in his interview to Politico Magazine.

‘This was one of first things that Putin said to the head of Polish government Donald Tusk when he visited Moscow. He kept saying that Ukraine is an artificial country, that Lviv [city in western Ukraine] is Polish city, so why can’t we somehow decide it together?’, – said Sikorsky who has been occupying the positions of heads of Polish Sejm since Septmeber.

‘He wanted us to participate in this division’, – said Sikorsky mentioning that the Russian side had been sending such signals to Poland and wanted it to send its troops into Ukrainian territory.

Putin had been dreaming to divide Ukraine for a long time

The politician who had been the head of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2007 mentioned that Poland always rejected such propositions. Sikorsky also suggested that Putin had been planning aggression against Ukraine more than 6 years ago and he had been calculation which regions of Ukraine would be profitable to capture.

According to Sikorsky, the Kremlin considered profitable annexation of Zanporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa oblasts and annexation of Donbas (part of which is currently controlled by Russia) was considered unprofitable.

In March 2014 Russia invaded Crimean peninsula and annexed it after an illegal referendum, then it began to destabilize situation in the Donbas. Primarily Russian Federation supplied terrorists in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts with heavy arms and in August almost openly introduced its regular troops into Donbas.

According to UN, no less than 3 660 people have died in Eastern Ukraine from mid-April. About 9 000 people have been wounded. According to official data, almost 400 000 people have been forced to leave their homes.


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