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Russia might use the truce to rotate its troops at Ukrainian territory

 September 10, 2014

Complete failure of Russian propagandist machine – western community supports Ukraine

Russia might use the truce to rotate its troops at Ukrainian territory

Summary of the most important events for September 9, 2014 by Dmytro Tymchuk

1. OSCE notes the increase in the flow of people in military uniform from Ukraine into Russia. They say that with the beginning of the truce Putin’s warriors ran back home.

Previously President Poroshenko informed that due to the data of military reconnaissance Russian has withdrew 70% of its militants from Donbas.

The Information resistance group is being less optimistic about this. Some number of troops is being withdrawn to Russia, but it is difficult not to say that Russians use the ceasefire to rotate their troops who have been hardy beaten by Ukrainian troops before the Minsk protocol was signed. That is why it is early to be happy of this fact. Moreover, while Russian troops leave northern-eastern direction front, in direction to Mariupol their number increases.

The other thing that preoccupies is constant flow of Russian fuel tankers to Donbas. If only they needed this fuel to get out of Ukraine and not to attack.

2. Opinion polls show that in Donbas conflict sympathies of Europeans and Americans are on the side of Ukraine.

According to the data from GMF 57% of Americans and 58% of Europeans believe that their authorities should provide Ukraine with economic and political support even if it may the reason of conflict with Russia.

This is a complete failure of Russian propagandist machine that since the very beginning of the conflict has been trying hard to staff western auditory with selective propagandist shit. No matter how many billions were spent on the propagandist machine they couldn’t clear Putin’s skin and hide aggression.

The Information Resistance group expresses gratitude to Ukrainian diplomats and western journalists for helping the world know the truth about Ukraine.

Source: head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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