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Russia might place nuclear weapon in Crimea

March 11, 2015

Russian Foreign Ministry declares that they might place nuclear weapon in Crimea

Russia might place nuclear weapon in Crimea

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states it has got rights to place nuclear weapon in Crimean peninsula.

Director of non-proliferation and arms control of MFA of RF Mikhail Ulianov stated this during press conference in Moscow.

‘For you it [Crimea] is a part of Ukraine, for me it is a part of Russian Federation, and when answering as Russian diplomat I can say that Russia has got the right to place nuclear weapon on its territory if it considers this necessary, in any region’, – Uliyanov sad when answering to question about plans of placing nuclear weapon on the occupied territory.

Meanwhile Russian diplomat said he had no idea whether nuclear weapon had already been placed in Crimea.

‘I know nothing of presence of nuclear weapon in Crimea and l know nothing of such plans. However, in terms of principle we believe that we have such right, although Kyiv, of course, thinks differently’, – he said.


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